5 Steps to S.H.I.N.E.

In this ebook, I share with you how these 3 Chinese cultural values and practices, filial piety, criticism as a love language, and saving face, had stifled my voice, and suppressed my identity.

Come on this journey with me as I analyze how these values and practices impact our mental well being. I also present 5 steps to build your courage, so you can live fully as yourself.

You can take up space! Download now!

Are you someone who...

- wants to make a career change, but are scared to do it?

- loves someone whom your parents don't approve of, because of a different racial background, or same sex relationship?

- keeps trying to go for the next title, or to make more money, because you want your parents to be proud of you?

- wishes you can follow the spark in you heart, but feel selfish for focusing on yourself?

- is afraid to speak up to your partner, fearing that they will yell at you or leave you?

- keeps completing your family’s requests even thought you resent it, because you feel you can't say no?

5 Steps to Building the courage to be YOU

Because you're meant for more! Let S.H.I.N.E.!

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