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Breaking generational trauma to raise empowered kids 

September is just a few weeks away, which means back to school is on the horizon. This year, my son is going into Grade 1! It was only 10 months ago, my husband and I were deciding whether to send our son to private school. Like many other parents, we want our son to thrive! […]
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Finding your true desires and who you are as an Asian (Chinese) woman. 

So many times, life takes over, and we’re constantly doing something for someone. We work to bring in money. We drive our kids around to go to school or programs. We cook and clean to prepare for the next day.  But maybe one day, you have a moment to yourself and thought… is this all […]
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Filial Piety: Strips away one’s identity and voice?

As a Chinese girl who was born in Hong Kong and came to Canada when I was 11, filial piety is one of the key Chinese cultural values to live by. The premise is, a child is to care for, love and respect their parents and elders. However, it often holds an unspoken obligation, which […]
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What if you can change 1 habit? What would it be?

Happy 2023!! I just had 2 amazing days of coaching intensive this past weekend, learning how to change habits! (With Simone Seol and Melissa Tiers) Through applying this knowledge to myself, I saw a few changes in the way I think and feel! And one of them is mind blowing!  So I really want to […]
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What goal would be weird, delightful, awesome for you? 

A while back, my coach Simone Seol shared her view on setting goals. She said, What if your goal can be “weird, delightful, awesome”? What goal would you set for yourself? ​ As I was thinking about it, I realized how much I was influenced by the patriarchal society. ​We are raised to set goals […]
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Someone is jealous of me?

What if there is actually someone who is jealous of you? When I was first asked this question, I was like, no way! Why would anyone be jealous of me? But what if, there is actually someone out there (past, present, or even in the future) who is jealous of you, and want what you […]
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Take the power back for yourself! 

With the holidays fast approaching, that means gatherings will be happening soon.  This may be a stressful time for you, because this is when a lot of inappropriate comments, unwanted questions and unsolicited advices will be made. These may include:When are you getting married? You should be having more kids. Have you found a job yet? Did you […]
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