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Do it because you WANT to!!

Dec is just around the corner, and this year, it seems like the holidays is upon us faster than ever! One of the things that I come across A LOT when chatting with other people is, “holiday obligations”. Needing to be a certain way. Must do certain things. Because “I have to”. Here’s what usually […]
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Embracing your fear (to do what you really want)

I had the opportunity of hosting a workshop for Mothers to Daughters, and had a chance to share my knowledge about fear with others.  Most of the times, I find that if there is something we really want to do but if we haven’t done it yet, it’s most likely because of fear.  But we […]
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Have you ever said you’d do something but you didn’t, and you beat yourself up? 

And have you ever felt so tired, but you still muscled your way through to keep pushing on?  I got sick for the past few days, and I didn’t get a chance to compose my blog for 2 days.  I promised myself that I’d write 1 blog post every day in the month of November.  […]
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Obstacles in Your Life are not there to Define You! They're meant for you to Overcome!

I rewatched a talk by Simon Sinek.  He was talking about how he and his friend just finished a marathon, and at the end of the race, there were free bagels.  Simon said free bagels, and his friend said, the line’s too long.  He learned that there are people who see the good thing at […]
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What is coaching? 

As humans, we have a powerful pre-frontal cortex that help us create meaning, to remember the past, to plan for the future, etc.  We also have a primitive brain, which is the part of the brain that keep us safe, avoid pain, seek pleasure, and be as efficient as possible.  This is our subconscious mind. […]
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Expectations we place onto others = expectations we place onto ourselves

Recently, I saw a video of this Chinese girl who was trying to logically state her case against her dad’s request for doing more homework.  First of all, I had to applaud her, because I can’t even speak this eloquently against my parents. And I’m sure many kids and adults who’d endured through this “pressure” […]
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Believing in Yourself When You have Imposter Syndrome 

I had a coaching session yesterday. I was preparing to meet a friend who said she could introduce me to someone for an opportunity to go on TV. I had serious doubt about myself, so I talked to my coach about it.  She and I worked through some of the thoughts in my mind, and […]
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