Are you ready to go through this upcoming holidays feeling peace and joy?

No more putting up with unnecessary comments from relatives, or getting stressed out from doing things you don't want to!

If you are, then look no further!

During this session,

-I'll share with you practical tips on what you can do to lower stress when you feel everything’s getting out of control.

-I'll guide you through an Inner Knowing Journey to help you decipher between what you want to do vs what you have to do.

-I'll share tools to build your confidence while dealing with difficult family members.

Community Hour will be held on

Monday November 6th, 2024 at 8pm EST

Pacific: Nov 6th, 5pm

London: Nov 7th, 1am

Indian: Nov 7th, 6:30am

Hong Kong: Nov 7th, 9am

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