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5 Steps to Stand Up to Anyone (esp. Your Parents)

You just want to do your thing, but someone doesn't want that for you.

Maybe your parents are not approving of the person you're dating.

Maybe your sister is always asking for your help and you're ready to tell her, "No, I can't."

Maybe your spouse always want something one way, and you want things your way.

Standing up for yourself can be filled with guilt, fear, anxiety.
And yet, doing so can give us a sense of empowerment, that we are doing it for our own good.

So I've created this ebook to guide you through 5 steps to get you started on this journey to being more YOU.

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After working through this ebook, you will get a clear idea on what you stand for, know how to handle unpleasant feelings, and become courageous to take that leap to stand up for yourself!

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