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Professional Certified Life Coach
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Professional Certified Life Coach

Unveiling Claudia Chan

As a Chinese girl who came to Canada from Hong Kong when I was 11. I never thought I’d stand on global stages to speak, let alone winning an international speaking competition. I also get to work with Asian Women as a Life Coach. When I see them getting a clear vision of who they are, and they become unafraid to live how they want, it brings me so much joy! 

And all of these were possible because of the choices I made for myself. Some were easy, some were not.
And one that changed the trajectory of my life
You see, on this one night in 2015, these words dropped like a bomb.

"if you love mom, then choose to give up on your relationship."

My mind exploded and thought to myself.

"How could you disappoint mom after she had given up so much for you?
"But what about my own happiness?"

"What if mom doesn't love you anymore?  What if you're making a mistake?"

I stood at the fork on the road. I had to choose. And I chose the one filled with uncertainty.  It wasn't a walk in the park, yet looking back, I realized how that choice had shaped me as a person. It built my courage and resilience to create possibilities in my life.
That is why I am passionate to work with Chinese and other Asian women, because most of us were never allowed to choose freely. 

Most of us believe that obeying others equates to respect, or sacrificing our desires equates to love. 
And along the way, we gave up our dreams, and ourselves.
I want Asian women to have an opportunity to  get to know who they truly are, to develop their own courage, so they can choose to live a fulfilling life just the way they want. 
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Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach


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