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Why is it triggering me? Why am I not showing up?!

March 23, 2024
Last weekend, I got notified that I was chosen as one of the Speaker Coaches in Lisa Nichol’s speaking program called Ignite. It was a dream come true! While I was doing my program last year, I put my name in because I want to become one of the coaches! And I got chosen!! Also, […]

Free Mental Health Resources

February 26, 2024
Does the thought of speaking up in front of others make you second guess yourself, or make you want to hide?  Maybe at work, you want to share more of your ideas at meetings. Or at home, you wish that you can tell your parents or in-laws to back off! Tell them to stop forcing you […]

Why is it triggering me? (Your kid doesn’t know what’s best for them) 

February 13, 2024
So my son is in the process of growing his hair.  I personally hate it. And yet I let him grow it out.  And the biggest reason for me is because I want him to learn how to speak up for himself.  There are reasons why each of us have to do something, and there […]

Build your own confidence and raise more confident kids

February 13, 2024
Do you sometimes feel like, no matter how much you do, your mom, in-law or spouse (or someone else) would always criticize you, make a lot of inconsiderate requests, and show no appreciation toward what you do? And at the same time, you’re worried about how to guide your kids to become more confident, so […]

Why is it triggering me? Kids not listening

February 6, 2024
Recently I have a thought about doing a series called, Why is it Triggering Me? So here's the first one. When you want your kids to brush their teeth, do their homework, or clean up their room… But they’re not listening to you, or they’re not doing what you ask!So you start repeating yourself, then nagging, and […]

Loving the ugliness

February 5, 2024
This past Sat, I had a session with my client. And it was the perfect message that I also needed for myself. If you’d never been to a coaching session before, coaching is not me giving you advice. I personally believe that my clients already know the answer, and they already have the internal wisdom. […]

The desperation to please

January 29, 2024
How much are you doing right that is somehow hoping to please someone in your family, hoping that they will acknowledge you Yesterday, I brought my son for cartwheel, and came upon a mom who had really high expectations of her daughter, which made me cry, and I recorded a video about it. You can […]
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Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach


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