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How I started coaching 

Since I was young, I’d always wondered what my life purpose is. I kept feeling like I was meant for more, but I felt trapped by my circumstances. Like I wish I could follow and be amongst the people who are “making it”, so that I can find out what makes them successful. But I […]
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People pleasing = doing things to make other people like you, or have good thoughts about you. 

Have you ever feel like you’re constantly doing things you don’t want to do? Are you usually concerned about how other people will perceive you?  These are sign of people-pleasing tendencies.  Before I go in depth about people-pleasing, I’d like to share with you how it is developed.  People pleasing comes from how we interact […]
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What to write in your journal

I am a big fan of journaling, and at the same time, I don’t do it consistently.  Here is something I learned, it’s ok, I still love myself! For so long I beat myself up for not being consistent. I believe some people get scared of starting journaling because 1) they think that they have to […]
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I was NEVER allowed this when I was young!!

This happens to me almost every weekend: My son being on the iPad for 3 hours Me: “You’d been on it for too long, have to stop now.”My son: *screaming and crying* “You don’t allow me to do anything!”  Me: “I’d let you watch for the last 3 hours!”  I’d try my best to calmly […]
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Things I’m grateful for 

Since November is National Gratitude Month, I want to dedicate this post to that.  I’m grateful for my husband, for doing so much for our family. Thank you for being the strong support that you are.  I’m grateful for my son, for showing me what it means to fight for the things you want, and […]
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Concept of 50-50: all things in life are 50% positive and 50% negative. 

Sometimes I ask people what do they want, and they say, I want to be happy.  But what does this really mean?  Does this mean you want to be happy all the time? I mean, if you’re happy all the time, then how do you actually know that you’re happy?  And do you actually want […]
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Do you believe your story is worth sharing?

The truth is, posting about myself has been very triggering for me.  I’d been taught not to air out dirty laundry, whatever happens behind closed doors stay behind closed doors.  I’d been told to put myself together well before leaving the house, to show that I am capable.  I’d been told however good my result […]
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When you feel alone...

I remember the first time I felt really alone, was when I was about 6 years old.  I just switched school, it was the first day.  My dad went to school with me. The entrance of this school was at the bottom of a set of steep stone stairs.  I remembered we walked down these […]
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“I don’t get to do what I want.”

That was a sentence that had been subconsciously running in my brain since I was young, and I only got to speak it out loud during yesterday’s coaching session.  I could feel it in my body. But I never allowed it out of my mouth. Since I was young, I had always been told what […]
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Learning to Deal with Disappointment and Jealousy

First, I can’t believe how fast time is zooming by, I’d gone to Paris and back! On Oct 21, 2022, I got a chance to speak LIVE on stage in Paris! My topic was 5 Radical Ways Self-Love Can Change Your Life. It ended up being a “beautiful disaster”! 🤣🤣 because I blanked out in […]
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What If You'd Been Manipulated?

My son is finally back at school after a week off. We planned for a water park one day because Damien started swimming over the summer, so we thought he'd enjoy it! But because he got a little sick, so we couldn't go into the park itself. But since we've already booked a hotel stay […]
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When you feel alone

Reflecting back, one of the themes that I kept encountering is feeling alone, or that I don't belong. I remember the very first time that I felt this way was when my dad dropped me off at a new school when I was 5(or 6) years old. The entrance to the school was down a […]
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