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After working with me as a life coach, Asian women become more open to explore who they are. They grow more confident in making decisions that are best for them, both professionally and personally. And they also get to live a more fulfilling life by encouraging their children to go after their dreams while they go after their own.

I’m looking for Asian women between 35-55 who are ready to disregard other people’s voices and choose themselves. They’re excited to watch their lives unfold as they go after their dreams, while living a loving and connected relationship with their children.
Is that you?
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 I consider a great coach to be like a sister who really understands me.
She's willing to sit with me when I'm down
She doesn't make me feel ashamed of myself for feeling weak, and allows me to be honest with myself
She understands my struggles and provides me with the tools to get through any difficult situations, and out on the other side.
She knows exactly when to push me and when to pull back
She sees my potential and believes in me.
She sees me in the highest version, and continues to hold onto it until I believe in me. 
The truth is, you don't! You are a capable person who is making it through life. You'd overcome hard things that no one has ever gone through and always figure things out. 
You may want to consider hiring a coach because you lack someone in your life who
has the time to listen to you
has the clarity to point out what is preventing you from moving ahead, and challenges you to new perspectives
can hold the bigger vision of you when you don't believe in yourself
has the capacity to unserstand what you're going through and what you want
has the tools to help you go through difficult situations
can walk alongside you so you can live to your fullest potential and not doing it alone
I was born in Hong Kong and moved to Canada when I was young. So I understand both the Chinese (Eastern) and Western culture.
I understand how it feels to “go against” my parents, the fear of losing their love, the guilt of disrespecting them, and the desire to hold onto who I am.
I am a mother to a 6 year old son. I understand the constant juggle of placing high expectations on him, vs letting go and letting him explore his own path, and live his own life.
I understand the feeling of not believing in myself, feeling like I didn’t have any talent or couldn’t see any hope to move myself forward. I went from that to truly believing in my abilities, and seeing a bigger vision for myself.

I learned to embrace who I really am, even though I was afraid of judgement, I am going after what I want no matter what other people may say.
I’m on a journey to having fun, celebrating myself, and trusting myself. And I invite you to be on yours too.
You will feel less stressed and overwhelmed, have more peace and power over the things that are happening in your life
You are able to speak up in situations that you never thought you could (like in front of your mom/parents, in-laws, spouse, boss, etc)
You'll be more calm and can handle your emotions better when your kids "go against you", feel more connected with them
You will get to know yourself on a deeper level, and develop more love towards all parts of yourself
You will discover the deeper message within you, and understand what exactly you are seeking for yourself
You will have more joy and fun along the way, and you'd be surprised to see how much greatness you have in you!
Majority of the women I work with are Asian women (I also work with other BIPOC ladies)
Maybe you’re a mom who has children, but still find yourself getting frustrated or stressed out over how your parents are interacting with you.
Maybe you’re at a space where your children have grown, and you are wondering what is the next step for you.
Maybe you’re quite successful, you’d done everything you’d set your eyes on, but somehow you’re not happy with where you are. Something seems to be missing.
Maybe you feel you’re lacking some confidence to face the next step of your life.
Maybe you just want more in life, afraid that you may regret not living to your potential.

And we’ll walk together to get you to wherever you want to go

One of the things I am big on is going back to our bodies. That’s because we carry our own wisdoms within us. So I will always guide you back to your own wisdom and knowing, one that feels the most aligned to you.

On the consultation call, I will learn more about you, and suggest areas where we can focus on. If you like the idea and both of us feel we’re a good fit, we will go on a 12 week journey.

On this journey, we can either focus on a certain goal, or deal with each week’s situations as they come up. Because how you do something in one area of life, is how you do everything in life.

For example, maybe you want to focus on building more confidence at work. But it’s possible that one week, you have a very difficult time with your mom, and we can take a deeper dive into that, because how you behave around your mom, is often similar to how you behave around your boss. So by dealing with that situation, we can also build up your confidence at work.
The first consultation is a free 20 min session where I will get to know more about you.
The 12 week journey is $1,500 CAD. This is where we’ll get to meet 1:1, 1 hour each, for 12 weeks.
You have an option to renew to a 6 month journey. $3,000 CAD for 26 sessions. Payment options are available.
🙋 I can carry a conversation in Cantonese, I understand it fully although not totally fluent in speaking. I will revert back to English if I have to explain some deeper concepts.

🤦 I can speak a little bit and understand some Mandarin. Very poor conversationally.
Yes, first of all, coaching can be hard on the body. It is a time to fully take on the responsibility to get to know yourself and heal yourself.

For those of us who’d never done coaching before, when we start on this journey, all the things we don’t want to look at may surface.

This is the moment where our minds may say, “Ohhh!! She is starting to look at it! Let’s show her some more!!”
So it could be very difficult for some people. I remember when I first started this journey , one morning when I was going to work on the subway, I remember thinking, why is everyone butting in front of me and slowing me down!

I became so impatient and frustrated with them! Then I realized it is because I am extremely impatient with myself.
So you may start seeing more things that you don’t like in the beginning, and that is normal.
And some clients of mine always say, Claudia, why are you making me cry again?!

It’s ok to cry, I consider it a cleansing ritual, to clean the gunk out from our bodies. To let go of the old so we can invite the new.
You always have the power to stop me from going further if it gets too uncomfortable.

And I will always be right here to do this together with you.
Let’s be honest, I may not be the best coach for you. So this is how you figure out if you have found a great coach.
Take a deep breath in, and breathe out slowly, and go into your body, into your heart, into your gut.
If you feel that the coach you’re talking to understands you, what you’re struggling with, and you resonate with them, then you’ve found a great coach.

Sometimes you may not know until you start your sessions. But at any point, if you feel you are afraid to share what you really feel, or you need to lie about what you’re doing, because you fear your coach may “criticize” you, then it’s not a good fit.

I’ve had coaches before where I felt like I had to put up a front, and be further along than where I was. And I was made to feel something’s wrong with me.

That is not a good coach.
So trust yourself, trust your gut.
If you’d read through all these, maybe you are interested to go on this journey for yourself!
I’d like to invite you to go on a consultation call with me. And let’s have a chat and see how we can change your life!
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Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach


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