Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach
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Claudia Chan

Speaker for Asian Women, Mindset Life Coach & Author
Claudia Chan is a highly respected Mindset Life Coach, International Best Selling Author, and captivating Speaker dedicated to empowering Asian women. With a focus on self-discovery, Claudia helps her clients to cultivate curiosity, compassion, and courage to unlock their potential, while building a deeper connection with their loved ones. Recognized for her expertise, Claudia has been featured in prominent media outlets and authored the international bestseller, "Asian Women Trailblazers Who BossUp." She is also a host to her podcast Extraordinary Asian Women. Through her transformative coaching, Claudia guides her clients to embrace their uniqueness, pursue their passions, and achieve fulfillment.

Signature Topics

You're Meant for More: 
5 Steps to Overcome Fear so you can S.H.I.N.E.

Breaking Generational Trauma to Raise Empowered Children

3 Self-Love Techniques for a More Resilient YOU!

Embracing Your Desiers as an Asian Woman

Join Claudia Chan, as she shares her empowering journey of embracing her desires and choosing herself. In this winning speech, Claudia discusses breaking free from cultural expectations and finding the courage to prioritize her own happiness. Through her personal story, she encourages fellow Asian women to stand tall, trust themselves, and pursue their dreams unapologetically. Don't miss this inspiring talk that celebrates the resilience and strength of Asian women on their path to self-discovery and fulfillment.

The Joys of Chicken Dinner

Are you ready to rewrite your happiness equation and transform your everyday existence? Claudia Chan shared her realization on what joy means to her. Join us on this remarkable journey with Claudia and start choosing happiness now!

You can also learn more about her backstory leading up to this speaking moment

Press Release

Speaker Slam: Personal Transformation 2023

Embracing Your Desires as an Asian Woman

(Winning Speech)
Canvas Rebel Interview

"You are Special and Worth Fighting For"

Press Release for Asian Women Trailblazers Who Boss Up

Bestselling author and coach Claudia Chan on doing what you loveā€”and loving yourself

Extraordinary Asian Women

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Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach


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