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You’re a smart lady. You studied hard, and you have a good job. You’re hardworking, and you’ve gotten this far.
And despite all that, you still find yourself having trouble speaking up, promoting yourself at work, or you're finding your mom having a lot of control over you. Somehow stopping you. 

  • You put in so much effort at work, but you keep getting passed up on promotions. 
  • You struggle with presenting your ideas, wondering if they're good enough, and when you hold back, you criticize yourself for not taking the opportunity to speak up. 
  • You feel so stressed out at work, and yet, management keep piling more things on your plate. You feel like you can't tell them No. 
  • You’re a mom and have kids, and your mom is still giving you her two cents, telling you exactly how she’d raise them differently.
  • You’re dating someone of a different racial background or a different gender, whom your mom doesn't approve of, and she’s forcing you to break up with them.
  • You’re taking care of your mom, and even though you’re doing everything you can, she is still complaining how you haven’t done enough.

If this is what you're going through now, I totally understand.

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When I first started working, I found myself holding back, having a lot of difficulty speaking up, sharing my point of view. Then as I went on with my dating life, my mom and I fought constantly during the few years I was dating my now husband. All because she didn't accept my choice in my partner. 

I had to deal with a lot of grief, feeling like I’ve lost my mom.
I felt guilty, because I felt as if I’d failed my mom.
I was also very scared, for not knowing whether I was making the right decision.

It was one of the hardest journeys I had to go on, and I had to choose myself over and over again in order to make it to where I am now.
After going through this journey, I realized how much my professional life and my personal life were intertwined. I was behaving the same way, doubting myself, holding myself back, scared to make a mistake and disappoint others. This is why I’m so passionate to support women like you. Because I know how painful your experience can be.

We’re taught to respect and obey our parents, our elders, our boss. Otherwise,  
we face the possibility of losing mom, losing face, and losing ourselves.
" After working with me, my clients get to heal their wounds with their parents, so they can have better relationships with the people they love.

Let’s do this together, because I believe in you. 
You’re Meant for More. "

- Claudia Chan

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Glowing Recommendations

  • " Claudia took me by the hand and helped me explore the source of my limited beliefs. She also provided useful frameworks for me to organize my thoughts and beliefs for a breakthrough in terms of fully embracing my full potential in both personal and professional life. "
    - Lisa Zhu
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Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach


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