I want all women, esp. Asian women, 
to be FREE and have the COURAGE 
to be themselves and do what they want. 
Let's love ourselves and bring the fun back in our lives!

Yes! Let's Do This!

You should be happy... you have everything you wanted. A family with your spouse and kids, a career, a house, car, vacations.

On the outside, you are living the dream. But deep down, you are not satisfied.

You feel stressed out and overwhelmed from taking care of everyone and everything.

You feel guilty for wanting more in life. 

And you have no idea what you want.

The truth is, you know what you want. But it has been buried inside. 

While growing up, you had been told what to do or how to act in order to be a Great Mom, Great Wife, Great daughter.

You’d been living a life based on other people's and society’s expectations. That's why you feel lost!

The great news is, there is still a spark inside of you, and you want to find it!
You’re meant for more in life. And I'm here to do it with you!

I will guide you to: 

✨ get to know who you are and discover what you want 

✨ love yourself unconditionally and have your own back 

✨ cultivate the courage to show up fully you 

✨ go after that impossible goal 

And we’ll have fun doing it!

There is so much you want to achieve, and I want you to see that you can do these things!

Let’s set you on this journey now!

So you have a loving, fulfilled, and satisfied life ❤️

Book a 1:1 Consult now!
I'm Ready!
about me

About Me:

“This can’t be all there is to life!”

Growing up, I was told to study hard, find a good job, work hard, and then retire (and then I die!). But I refused to believe that working 40 years in the same job is what I'm meant for! 

When I had my son, I had a lot of resentment and guilt! I believed I had to give up my identity to be a "Good Mom". I blamed my son, my husband, and everything in my life for being stuck. 

Life coaching allowed me to see that it was fear that was holding me back! Now I am a Certified Mindset Life Coach, #1 International Bestselling Author, International Speaker. 

I'm going after what I want

I want to get to know you, your dreams and aspirations, and I want to help you figure out what's holding you back! You're meant for more. Let's do this together! 
"Claudia took me by the hand and helped me explore the source of my limited beliefs. She also provided useful frameworks for me to organize my thoughts and beliefs for a breakthrough in terms of fully embracing my full potential in both personal and professional life."
- Lisa Zhu

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Are you ready to do this? 

You’re always there for others, doing everything for them! But no one's coming for you.

I know you're scared of what other people will say about you. That's why I'll teach you how to have the courage to ward off other people's judgement. 

And we'll devote the much needed time to learn to love yourself, so you can get to know what you really want. 

If you are ready for yourself, then book a 60-min Jump Start Session with me now and let’s chat!
I'm Ready!

Listen to my Podcast: Extraordinary Asian Women 

Are you ready to give yourself that time and energy to discover who you are and what you want?

Let's unveil your Magical Unicorn!
I'm Ready!
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