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Look inside of you

Every time you despair, look inside, there is a glimmer of light guiding you. Every time you hurt, look inside, there is a sheet of comfort surrounding you.  Every time you feel alone, look inside, there is a kind presence holding you.  Every time you are scared, look inside, there is a wall of strength […]
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What journey do you believe you are on?

What if before we’re born, we had set an intention to learn a lesson?  Maybe it is to learn what love is.  Maybe it is to learn to be free.  Maybe it is to learn to speak up.  What do you think yours is?  Since I was a teenager, probably around 14/15, I started wondering […]
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Do This One Thing to Make Yourself Feel Better

I'd like to share with you something that made a big difference in my life! Which is to thank myself after every single action I took! I started doing this one day because I was finding it very difficult to get up that morning. So I said thank you to myself for opening my eyes, […]
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4 Life Lessons I learned from Playing Final Fantasy XIV

I started playing FFXIV at the end of November 2021, and after playing for about 10 times (around 4-5 hours each), I reached level 51 in the main story on Dec 25, 2021.  (To give you some perspective, my husband has been playing for 3-4 years and he just recently reached Level 62 in the […]
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Why do we want to change, and how?

When you feel like you want to make changes, that’s because you want to be MORE YOU The most authentic version of you  The higher version of you The more expansive version of you  So when you want to make changes, you need to think about who you really are! The problem is, we keep […]
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Challenge yourself to do something FUN!

Happy 2022! This last month, I’d been challenging myself to do something fun, because I really wanted to live life more in the now, instead of “later”. ‘cause if you think about it, what’s “later”? And when’s "later" too late? So, this past month, I started playing this video game called Final Fantasy XIV, and […]
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