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Professional Certified Life Coach
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When was your last time you had fun without feeling guilty?

February 3, 2022

I'd like to ask you this question, because it took me a lot of work to have fun without feeling guilty.

I was brought up in a household that everything was immaculate, spotless, cleaned, everything had its place, meals were prepped.

And everything “needs” to be done first before you can relax.

I grew up the rebel, who didn’t really care much about any of that while I was living at home, and obviously I was nagged non-stop.

After I got married, part of me still carry that belief, that I need to do more to take care of things.

So when I decided to play video games over the Christmas holidays, (and I played heavily), the guilt set in.

I had thoughts like,

“I should be doing more things, for my business, for the family.” Or,

“I wasted all this time on this game.”

It took me a long time to work through detaching myself from this guilt.

To the point where, now when I planned to play, or decide to play, I don’t feel guilty anymore.

And it is so ingrained in my belief, that I wanted to share this with you.

Because it is something that I’m sure we all have.

As a society that is constantly “doing” things, it seems like we always think there is a more “productive” way to do things.

Clean the house while listening to a podcast.

Or watch tv while exercising.

Otherwise it would be a waste of time.

Or we have this mentality where we think, omg, I just wasted all this time binge watching the entire season of this show.

So they are like 2 extremes of guilt.

What if just doing something fun is ok for once?

And we don’t feel guilty about it?

How would that feel like for you?

So today, I'd like to seriously grant you this approval. You are ALLOWED to have fun WITHOUT feeling guilty!

Go and have fun!!! Just for yourself 🙂

Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach


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