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Replay 1st community event: Holding Fear

January 17, 2024

Last Friday, my accountability sister, Phoebe and I held our very first community hour.

In this session, we dived into getting to know how fear feels like in our body, and we also sent ourselves some loving affirmations.

The main reason why we did this was because most of us were brought up to ignore our body's signals.

You see, growing up, we might be forced to comply with our parents wishes (no matter how reluctant we were), or we might have continuously pushed ourselves toward something really scary, to the point where our bodies said, "Enough is enough! We stop here!"

So even though our brains still want all these wonderful dreams, our bodies became incapable of bringing us forward.

"I really want to do it, but I can't, maybe I'm not meant for this..."

So it's really important for us to start paying attention to it and acknowledge it. It is through awareness that we can make changes.

If you missed out on our session, here's a replay.

13:55 learn how to feel how fear feels like in the body.

37:50 learn to speak loving words to our bodies, brains and hearts.

I remember there was one time, I just talked to my own brain, where I said, “hey I want to love you some more, so the next time I get critical, I want you to make me aware of it.” And my brain started pointing out whenever I was being harsh to me.

It was powerful, not because I was judging myself, it was just so I know exactly how I was treating myself, so I can treat myself better.

Because we all deserve to be treated better, and it starts with us.

If you want get both of our freebies, here're the links

We will be hosting more of these free sessions in the future, if there is something you felt stuck and you’d like to address, send me an email so we can talk about them.

Have fun and enjoy!

Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach


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