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The Brothers Sun: Choice and Creativity

January 23, 2024

I finished watching the Brothers Sun with my husband this past weekend, and there are two big things I’d like to talk about: Choice and Creativity as a Chinese girl.

I’ll try to include as little spoilers as I can, but just in case you want to watch first before the discussion, then you may want to stop right here.

Verdict: highly recommend!!


Let’s dive in.

1 Choice


This was a line that jumped out at me the most in the entire season.

Choosing. Or more specifically, the lack of choice.

The freedom to choose is a concept fairly foreign to me while growing up.

While growing up, all I knew was that my parents sacrificed themselves to bring us to Canada to provide the best for me.

So I had to be a good girl, do my best, and do whatever I need to do to prevent bringing shame to the family.

And when I was dating my now husband, I was forced to pick between my mom or him.

Because of this, I had to experience lots of anger, blame, guilt, shame, resentment, disappointment.

AND along with it, I had to learn to be courageous to face the possibility of being disowned, or making a wrong decision.

So watching each of the main characters become bold enough to choose what’s best for themselves was quite exciting.

2 Creativity

One of the gripes my husband had with the show was why didn’t Michelle Yeoh’s character send her second son to learn Mandarin.

And I want to applaud that decision from the creators.

Because taking Mandarin means he’s “in the system”.

When one’s not in the system, that’s when they can see the whole system from a different perspective, and bring in new ideas to “solve problems.”

I know I am going to get a lot of slash back from saying this.

For me, many times I was asked if I send my son to Chinese class. I don’t want to, because he is not interested in it.

And people would tell me, well you need to force them.

I asked.. is it really good to force them?

First of all, if my son says no, and I am forcing my decision on him, I am taking his voice away. He will feel that he is not able to speak up. I’m practically telling him that his voice has ZERO value.

Second, if I force him to “learn” when he has no interest to learn, his mind is going to associate learning as “boring”.

I want him to see that learning something he’s interested in is better than being forced into something he doesn’t want. So he stays curious, and has the desire to try new things.

It makes him want to learn more, be more curious, and willing to go through with the challenges when it gets tough. (Doing it for himself vs for mom)

For me, being able to speak up, share ideas, stay curious, are valuable qualities to cultivate to become a leader who is creative.

Creativity means you have different ideas, and you’re not afraid to share it.

As a Chinese girl, I am done with feeling like I can’t speak up for myself and I’m not creative. So many times I believed that I had no good ideas that were worthy to be shared.


I feel how my parents raised me and the education system had forced me to become “one-way” thinking, and I don’t want my son to be limited in his communication and his creative skills.

So I try my best not to force him into doing what he doesn’t want.

Overall, The Brothers Sun is amazing! And not to mention Justin Chien is really HOT and is an amazing actor. I highly recommend it if you are interested to watch it!

And if you’d watched it, what did you think about it? What was one thing that really resonated with you? Would love to hear about that!

Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach


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