Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach
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Why do we want to change, and how?

January 4, 2022

When you feel like you want to make changes, that’s because you want to be MORE YOU

The most authentic version of you 

The higher version of you

The more expansive version of you 

So when you want to make changes, you need to think about who you really are!

The problem is, we keep looking outside, but you need to look inside! 

If you don’t know who you are yet, then I have some questions to help you to get to know yourself! 

What do you like? What do you dislike? 

What ticks you off? 

What do you enjoy doing during your spare time? 

What are your strengths? Weakness? 

What brings you joy and make your heart sing? 

What do you value most in your life? 

If you don’t have to do anything in life, what do you want to challenge yourself doing? 

I challenge you to spend at least 5 minutes to answer each question, and when you notice you’re saying “I don’t know”, tell yourself this, “what if I do know? Of course I know! It’s fun to get to know myself!”

Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach


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