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Why is it triggering me? Why am I not showing up?!

March 23, 2024

Last weekend, I got notified that I was chosen as one of the Speaker Coaches in Lisa Nichol’s speaking program called Ignite. It was a dream come true! While I was doing my program last year, I put my name in because I want to become one of the coaches! And I got chosen!!

Also, I finalized the decisions on who will be speaking at my upcoming May 5th event, I’m really excited about it!!

Everything is going well!

And then this week, I barely posted.

My brain wouldn’t stop screaming at me: Why haven’t you posted anything to promote your event?? Go and put something together so you can post on social media!!

My chest felt like there is a tight rope with a big knot, holding me back. While my mind was just blank.

And I know that I’m in a freak out mode.

Like this image right here.

“I always figure it out on my own, I just need to panic first.”

face palm

Often times, we know we need to do something, like we need to practice, or we need to make a social media post, or we need to talk to a certain person.. but we have a tendency to procrastinate… until it’s inevitable.

Other times, we might find ourselves coming down so hard on ourselves that we become too paralyzed to move on.

Has there been a time where a part of you knows that you need to do that thing, but you find yourself doing everything else, like clean the house, scroll on social media instead, and then you’d get SO FRUSTRATED at yourself, like what the friggin’ heck is wrong with me??!!!!

Yup that is me, all the time.

AND I’m becoming more aware of when it happens, so I can tell myself "nothing has gone wrong".

The honest truth is, I am really scared.

As a Courage Coach, this is what I put myself through, I'm showing up in ways where a lot of things are scary to me.

And I have to learn to show up, so others can learn to show up too.

For me, showing up is just to admit the truth:

I’m freaking out!!

I told my husband, and he gave me a long hug..

And it’s okay, nothing has gone wrong.

Breathe in… Breathe out twice as long.

I have to create safety for my body first, so I can move forward.

And that's when I can figure it out on my own. I just need to (deal with my) panic first.

If you find yourself procrastinating doing something you need to do (whether it's something you want to do, or don't want to do), and if you need help with it, send me a message and we can see how we can proceed going forward.

Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach


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