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You matter! Let’s hear your story!

November 27, 2023

This week, I’d been taking some time off for myself after the speaking competition.

And I was reflecting how at this time last year, I wouldn’t have believed that I would stand on a stage in June for a speaking competition, won, and stood on stage to speak again in November.

For my entire life, my mom’s voice dominated over me.

She did believe that we have to speak up. But the way she did it was through yelling. Believing that the only way for her to make her point across and be in her power is to be LOUD , and shoving things into other people’s faces, showing them “what you did is wrong” and you should be doing it this way.

She grew up this way, because she worked at a clothing factory since she was 13, along with a bunch of men. Because she was a very-matter-of-fact-person, and could speak her mind, she rose up to be the manager of the factory under her boss.

It served her for her life, but the way she brought me up didn’t help me. Because I am very different from her, I believed that everyone should be given a chance to speak. And because I wasn’t given a chance to speak, I grew a very deep belief that my voice didn’t matter.

I had to learn the hard way to speak up and share my story, share my thoughts, share my feelings, EVEN IF no one is paying attention to me, EVEN WHEN no one cares to hear what I have to say.

And this takes courage, because as humans, often times we do care about what other people will say or do.

Because when we speak, it is painful when no one is listening, because it feels like rejection when no one is paying attention.

Have you ever been in a situation where you started sharing one of your stories? But midway through, maybe the other person got interrupted, or they looked away. You were hoping that they will say to you, “Hey, continue your story!” but they never did, so you wondered if you should continue your story?…. And then you didn’t….

Oh yup, so many times for me!

There are times where I still wonder if I should continue to share, and I have to continuously remind myself that I am worthy to be heard.

So are you! You are worthy to be heard!

Since December is coming up, and today is Nov 27th (and I heard that it’s the moon of Gemini, which is all about communication- I don’t know too much about this, I just heard it from someone)

I’d like to invite you to share a story with someone.

Maybe sharing how tired you’d been.

Or how happy you are. Or how much you’re struggling with your life. Or how excited you are for the upcoming holiday!

If you’d like to take on this challenge, I invite you to find a friend to share. Or if you don’t have anyone to share it with, you can send me an email, long, short, one line, up to you. Just so you start sharing, and letting your brain know that your voice is meant to be heard!

Let’s create some evidence for you!

I’m here to witness you, so that you can allow yourself to exercise your voice.

Because YOU matter.

Looking forward to hearing your stories!

Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach


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