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Concept of 50-50: all things in life are 50% positive and 50% negative. 

November 5, 2022

Sometimes I ask people what do they want, and they say, I want to be happy. 

But what does this really mean? 

Does this mean you want to be happy all the time?

I mean, if you’re happy all the time, then how do you actually know that you’re happy? 

And do you actually want to be happy all the time? 

Like do you want to be happy when someone you love passes away? 

Or do you want to be happy when someone insults you? 

If your answer is no, and if your goal is still to be happy, what is the amount of happiness are you striving for? 

So many times, we want to strive for happiness but we don’t actually define what that really means for us. 

And when something happens and we’re not happy, we think that something has gone wrong.  

Because if your goal is to feel good and be happy, what you’re innately believing is that anything else is a problem. 

When someone pisses you off it’s a problem. 
When you are in pain, it’s a problem. 
When you want to pursue your goal, and you’re freaking out, it’s a problem. 

When it happens, you want to try to fix it, but you don’t know how… 

so this is what ends up happening: 

You end up overeating.
You end up scrolling through social media.
You end up binge watching Netflix. 
You end up online shopping. 
You end up blaming others and taking it out on other people. 

There is nothing wrong with these actions unless after you do them, you feel very guilty. 

You feel guilty you ate half a tub of ice cream. 
You feel guilty wasting time on social media or watching videos.
You feel guilty spending money on something meaningless. 
You feel guilty taking your anger out on someone. 

If you feel guilty after doing any of these, that means somehow you’re using these activities as a mask to make yourself feel better temporarily. 

Here’s the truth, we aren’t taught how to deal with these negative emotions, that’s why we don’t want to face them, because we don’t know how. We feel we have no control over them. 

When someone does something, or when something happens, we feel trapped, we feel powerless.

But what if we do have control over our emotions? 

And what if our goal is not to be happy. 

What if our goal is to be human and feel all the human emotions. 

Because 50% of things in life sucks ass, 50% are wonderful. 

And we’re meant to feel 50% negative emotions and 50% positive emotions.

And when we learn how to deal with the negative emotions, then we’ll be more willing to face them, and stop ourselves from doing all those things that make us feel guilty. 

We feel guilty for procrastinating, and not taking care of our bodies. We feel guilty for not going after our dreams. 

We keep rejecting, blaming, procrastinating, so we don’t get to be who we really want to be. 

Let’s learn how to face these negative emotions, so we are prepared for them. 

Because if you want more in life, if you believe you’re meant for more, it’s required that you do the things that feel uncomfortable. 

You will face things that are hard. 
You’ll come across embarrassing situations, humiliating situations. 
You will be put into situations that are scary as heck!

And yet, once you’re willing to go through them, you’ll see how worthy they are. Because you can see the expanded version of yourself. 

Let’s learn to face the negative 50% of life. 

So you can be the best version of yourself! 

If you’re interested to find out what this means for you, I’m offering a free 60-min Jump Start Conversation

We can go through what is happening right now and how we can proceed to bring you toward where you want! 

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