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“Calling on bravery”: Anime One Piece Edition

December 16, 2023

To be quite frank with you, it’s super difficult for me to write these posts and share my stories. 

I’d been working on showing up. And each step of the way is like pulling teeth! 

Last night, I came across this short clip from One Piece, and I want to illustrate what it means to have the courage to show up. 

This clip had to do with 3 of the main characters getting off their ship to find treasure. To do so, they had to swing across the cloud of sharks in order to get onto land. 

You can watch this video and I wanted to share 3 critical moments with you. 

Point 1: 0:36-0:44, Nami heard there was treasure, so even though she was scared, she said yes! = 8 seconds (finding our dreams and desires)

Point 2: 1:24-1:46, Nami’s turn to swing from the ship = 22 seconds. (Navigating our fear) 

Point 3: 1:47-1:58 Nami screaming while swinging = 11 seconds. (Actually doing it)

Point 3 is usually where people refer to as bravery -> Just do it! And dismisses Point 2!

In this clip, note how Point 2 lasted 22 seconds and point 3 lasted 11 seconds. 

In real life, Point 2 could last for years… 

But NO ONE ever talks about Point 2!

For me, this is the scariest part, because my 8 year old self knew that if I show up, I could get it wrong and get hurt. (My mom used to hit me when I gave a wrong answer while studying).

And this is how it looked like for me as an adult: I had Point 1. I wanted to implement Point 3, but I was holding myself back…

I’d get super frustrated at myself for not doing it! So I’d say: "How useless are you!" "Why can’t you do this?" "What’s wrong with you?" 

Extremely nasty. 

This past year, I learned to sit with myself a lot at Point 2 to process the hurt, the fear, and all the big emotions, so I could shorten this period of time. 

So I could call on bravery. 

Do I still feel scared?

Of course! Like Nami, I still scream at Point 3. 

But courage doesn’t just come from Point 3, majority of it is cultivated at Point 2. 

Maybe for some of us, we have an idea of what we want (Point 1), and we really want to take the leap (Point 3), but we are frustrated at ourselves because we couldn’t get ourselves to move! So we beat ourselves up, over and over again.

What if, what if, nothing has gone wrong.

We just got stuck at Point 2, because we were never taught how to process that stuck feeling.

That is why I am offering my newest offer: Getting Unstuck.

Where I help you process all those extreme feelings, so you can finally breathe and get a clear picture of where you want to go.

If you’re interested in it, I am offering 4 1:1 sessions to 5 people. (Newest update: 2 of the spots are already taken!), so 3 spots left!

Sign up now if you believe you’d benefit from it.

Know that you’re not alone. I love you, I see you, and I understand. Let’s do this together.

Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach


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