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What if you’re a magical creature, but other people have convinced you otherwise? 

December 18, 2023

Last night, I watched this movie called In and Of Itself by Derek Delgaudio. He addressed the meaning of identity, how it is formed, how other people see us, how we see ourselves.

He presented it in an extremely interesting way, so if you ever get a chance to watch it, I highly recommend.

But if you don’t, here’s one part that hit me in my chest!

He shared this story about 5 men coming upon this thing, and they really wanted to figure out what it is.

The one problem is, all of them are blind.

Maybe you’ve heard it before.

So one of the men was touching one part, and he said, it’s thick on the top, it’s narrow on the bottom, and it’s wet at the end! Oh it’s a snake!

The other man on the other side said, nope, it’s skinny and narrow, and have hair at the end, it’s a rope.

The third said, it’s round and thick, and has 4 of them, these are just 4 tree trucks.

The next one said, it’s hard and broad on the side, it’s just a wall.

The last man said, it’s thin, flat and leathery, and it’s just flapping around.. it’s a fan.

And if you’d heard it before, you know that they were all talking about an elephant.

But Derek said, he’s read through all the versions of the story, yet no one ever talk about the perspective of the elephant.

Imagine you’re the elephant, just roaming and minding your own business. And then all of a sudden a group of people came up to you and started touching you all over, then they went off to discuss and decide what you are. 

I mean sure, they got it right. But they were discussing amongst themselves AND deciding that you are indeed an elephant.

But what if, you are actually a magical creature, where you did have a snake for a nose, a rope on the back, tree trunks as legs, walls for your sides, and fans for ears…

And instead of seeing you as the magical creature that you are, they tried to CONVINCE YOU THAT YOU ARE JUST AN ELEPHANT!


I bursted out crying when I heard that, because that was exactly how I felt for my whole life, other people deciding who I am, who I’m not, what I can do, and what I can’t do… to the point where I held myself sooo small…

My mom saying,

“You’re not special, you’re not pretty, just ordinary…. Which is a good thing.”

“Oh you’re not as smart as those people who can do business, their brain switches so fast… you’re only meant to work for an employer.”

“Don’t sell yourself and make a big deal out of things, because no one would want to be your friend anymore.”

One box, one chain, one after another, after another.

When we were born, our potential are all equal. We can all do extremely amazing things, and extremely terrible things.

And along the way, how other people treat us, how we were brought up, and how we think about ourselves, our environment, they all formed how we view ourselves.

It’s like a jar of fleas.

Fleas could jump so high. Yet during this experiment, scientists put a bunch of fleas in a jar with a lid, and overtime, they learned to jump just a little bit lower than the lid so they won’t hurt themselves.

To the point where, when the scientists remove the lid, none of them would jump out of the jar.

And interestingly, their offsprings also did the same.

I was fed those sentences and beliefs, because my parents, my ancestors, had to go through all those hardship… and in order to protect the next generation from “getting hurt”, from “getting disappointed”, they tried to limit us.

So I cried for myself.

I also cried for my mom.

And my dad.

And for everyone who had come before me.

For all the trauma they’d gone through, where they passed on their beliefs through our genes, through verbal communication, through their actions, to me.

AND I want to undo all of them for me.

For my son, for his children, and for their children.

Because I AM a magical creature, and I am not going to let other people to tell me that I am JUST an elephant.

And neither are you.

Because you are also a magical creature, and I see you as who you are. 

If you’re ready to let go of the boxes and chains that limit you, I am offering 4 free 1:1 sessions to 5 people. I have 2 more spots left! 

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Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach


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