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What if you can change 1 habit? What would it be?

January 11, 2023

Happy 2023!!

I just had 2 amazing days of coaching intensive this past weekend, learning how to change habits! (With Simone Seol and Melissa Tiers)

Through applying this knowledge to myself, I saw a few changes in the way I think and feel!

And one of them is mind blowing! 

So I really want to share this with you.

One of the things I struggled with A LOT is comparing myself to others. 

I can become extremely critical of myself when I start going down that rabbit hole. 

One area that can really get me is scrolling through social media! 

I would always end up feeling inadequate in some way, or speaking negatively to myself. 

So to save myself from having to deal with negative emotions, I would try to either avoid using it or I’d scroll through posts really quickly. 

But it really doesn’t help much, because I’d still get sucked into it and I’d have to do my own work to get myself out of this hole. 

So I worked on changing my brain two days ago using a technique I learned. 

I wanted to change it so that when I see someone’s #celebration posts, or travel posts, I want to be happy for the other person AND I don’t beat myself up for not having achieved my own results yet! 

And these few days, when I’m scrolling through fb posts, the negative emotions are not there! 

I find myself truly curious about what the other person is sharing, I am happy for them! AND I am excited for myself!!! 


I am so happy because now I can actually relax and enjoy scrolling through social media when I want to, and I know I can celebrate other people’s success with my full heart, AND I am also super proud of myself. 

This is just the beginning, and I am so excited!!!!! 

I am working on changing a few of my other habits, I can’t wait to share them with you! Woohooo!!! ✨✨

Did you know that comparing oneself to other people is actually considered a habit?

It sounds so weird, but it is! 

Just like if you’re experiencing stress or anxiety. 

Or if you always find yourself thinking you’re not good enough, or you’re always holding back instead of speaking up. 

These are all habits that we’d formed from our earlier experiences. 

This just simply means that a set of brain circuit has been formed, and this circuit is being activated again and again. 

And that is how a habit is formed!

This is great news! Because it also means, these circuits can be changed! All because of the neuroplasticity of our brain (meaning the brain can be reorganized)

What do you think it’d look like if you can get rid of one of your habits that is stopping you from being your most optimal self? 

Maybe you can be free to do what you want, because you are no longer scared to speak up to other people? 

Or maybe you’ll become more willing to go after that goal you really want, because you’ve stopped criticizing yourself?

Or maybe you have more free time for yourself, because you can actually say no to others without feeling guilty?

That would be so amazing, don’t you think? 

So if you think you can change one habit, what do you think you’d like to change? 

Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach


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