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How I started coaching 

November 10, 2022

Since I was young, I’d always wondered what my life purpose is. I kept feeling like I was meant for more, but I felt trapped by my circumstances. Like I wish I could follow and be amongst the people who are “making it”, so that I can find out what makes them successful. But I felt like I was constantly being held back. I was constantly fed the belief that studying hard and getting a job is all there is to life. I wasn’t satisfied. I kept wondering if this is all there is to my life. 

After I got married, I started my first business. I didn’t know what I wanted to do or could do at the time. 

You know the famous question that all business owners are asked? “What pain point are you solving for your clients?”

I really hated that question! Because to me, it meant I have to be good at something to help others solve their problems! This question made me feel extremely inadequate, because more often than not, I didn’t believe I was good at anything! 

But I still went ahead with it, I tapped into my creative side and I learned how to self-publish colouring books and offered calligraphy and engraving services. 

Looking back, I believe there was a moment that really propelled me forward. I was hired by a client to engrave a bracelet for her friend, who just started his business. She wanted to gift him an engraved bracelet to encourage him. 

I got a chance to speak with her when she came to pick up the bracelet. We started talking about our interests, and she got really excited talking about things that she was interested in! I remembered seeing her eyes lit up! She was so excited about all of these things!

So I asked her, “What about if you give them a try?”

Then I saw her shrink away. And she said, “Oh no, I can’t because…”

And she listed out all these reasons why she couldn’t.  

And I remembered my heart screaming! 

I truly believe that people should follow what they’re interested in, and do what lights them up! I wanted her to see that she can go ahead with it! But I didn’t know how I could help! 

This event really got me. 

Because I saw myself in her. I wanted to do more, but felt I couldn’t. 

At that time, I was reading Marshawn Evans Daniel’s Believe Bigger. In it, she talked about her conversations with God. 

So I also started praying, I said to God, “Please show me how I can help. How do you want me to help these people who think they can’t.” 

And then a series of events happened. 

First I was learning how to run online shows, and wanted to get better at speaking. So I booked a private session with a speaking coach. She said, “You have no problem with speaking, but you have a mom problem.” 

That was when I realized how much impact my mom had on me. 

Then as I got more into coaching, I learned how it was actually fear that had been holding me back, but fear is sneaky, it doesn’t show up as fear, it shows up as excuses and blame. And that was why I kept saying that if only I have more time, or more help! 

It was through these events that led me down this path of coaching. 

Coaching changed the way I treat myself. I learn to love myself more, and I am able to see deep potential within me. 

Also, coaching strengthened the relationship I have with my husband.  

We are able to communicate with each other better, and we have a deeper understanding and loving relationship with each other. 

Coaching changed my world. 

So many times, I come across people who feel trapped by their circumstances. They want to do more, but they believe that they have to take care of their kids or family, and they have to work, so they end up casting their dreams and desires off to the side. 

And they feel miserable! All because they are not doing what they truly want. 

This is where I come in. I want them to rediscover and acknowledge their dreams. I want them to be free to show up as who they are. I want them to have the courage to go after what they want, even when other people are disappointed in them, even when other people leave them. I want them to be able to stand up for themselves, powerfully and gracefully. 

Because at the end of the day, if you don’t stand up for yourself, if you don’t go after what you want, no one will do that for you. 

That is how I got into coaching. And if you believe that it’s time for you to be yourself and go after what you truly want. Then I would love for you to sign up for a free 60-min Jump Start conversation with me! 

It’s never too late! And if you feel guilty because you feel like you're being selfish for giving yourself more time, look at it this way, you’ve been serving others for so long, you’ve always put other people first. You’ve paid your dues. Now it’s time for you!

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Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach


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