Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach
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Your body knows exactly what you need.

October 24, 2023

For the last few weeks, I had kind of stoped creating content or making offers.

My brain had been really mean to me, saying things like, “You’re so lazy, of course no one wants to work with you.” “Claudia pull yourself together, why can’t you even get one task done?”

Then yesterday, I realized it’s because a part of my brain really believed that I was the only one working really hard for something (even though it’s not true), and it is at a point where it doesn’t want to keep going anymore. So it became really rebellious.

That was why it was coming up with every excuse to stop me from doing what I needed and wanted.

And I had to go into those feelings to work through that. Giving myself the permission to feel emotions, like anger, tiredness, disappointment… and I just let myself cried them all out.

Then I was able to go back to work.

Allowing myself to face the feelings without making it mean anything is a really big skill I have gained.

I have also gained a tremendous ability to be insightful about what exactly is causing the feelings, which allows me to help my clients pinpoint why they’re feeling the way they do.

So if you want to figure out why exactly you aren’t doing what you want to do, and you want to go further from where you are, book a free 20-min consult with me!

Let’s figure out what you want to work on, and I can share with you which areas we can dive into, so you can go further.

Because you deserve to go further, and right now you’re not moving because your body is trying to tell you something. And nothing has gone wrong!

Book your consult now and Let's chat!

Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach


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