Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach
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My Beliefs as a Coach

October 30, 2023

My clients:

  • are strong, smart, hardworking, intelligent, fun, creative, courageous, etc. And yet, they
  • are frustrated with whatever they're dealing with now, it's been so many years and they're sick and tired of dealing with whatever they're facing
  • have tried many different things to move forward, but nothing is working. They're getting disappointed, feeling like "it only works for other but not themselves"
  • they'd been trying to deal with all of these through emotional eating, excessive shopping, spending a lot of time on Netflix, or even have thought of ending their lives
  • are still fighting hard to believe that there is hope for them, things can change around

As a coach, I believe my clients:

  • know exactly what they need, their bodies have an intelligence that act in a way that is best for them (which means whatever they'd tried before and didn't work, it was only because something else was blocking them)
  • are learning to see their lives with new perspectives
  • have a deeper knowing of what is best for them and are looking forward to learning more about themselves
  • are excited to gain new skills to overcome whatever challenges they're facing so they can level up
  • have the inner knowledge to solve any problems that they're experiencing
  • know that they're meant for more and they're looking forward to what happens next

It is extremely important for me to create a space where my clients can freely express themselves. When we are allowed to say what we want to say and admit to the darkest truths, that's when we can let the pain and suffering go.

I believe that my role as a coach is to stay right there with my clients and guide them to their inner knowing.

So often, our inner knowing has been buried deep within us through years of living, listening to others, neglect, shame, blame, which are extremely painful. Now it is time for us heal ourselves, so that we can dig that back up, to trust ourselves and live truly as who we are supposed to be.

Also, while growing up, we were left to our devices to deal with everything in life, and part of us feel extremely alone and tired. When I was going through my own journey, all I ever wanted was someone to be right there, to stay beside me, hold me, cry with me, laugh with me, walk with me, be proud of me.

And this is what I came here to do, not only to to stay beside you, hold you, cry with you, laugh with you, walk with you, be proud of you. I am also here to give you tools, offer you new perspectives, cheer you on, and celebrate you. Because I see you at your highest, and I want you to see it, go toward it, and be it.

You are worthy to be fought for. And I'm right here with you.

If you'd like to work togethers, you can book a free 20-min consult with me, and we'll see if we're a good fit to work together.

Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach


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