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Do it because you WANT to!!

November 29, 2022

Dec is just around the corner, and this year, it seems like the holidays is upon us faster than ever!

One of the things that I come across A LOT when chatting with other people is, “holiday obligations”.

Needing to be a certain way.

Must do certain things.

Because “I have to”.

Here’s what usually happens:

  1. There is an expectation you need to fulfill
  2. Feeling resentful for “needing to do it”
  3. Feeling guilty for not “wanting to do it”
  4. And if you’re brave enough to say no: Feeling judged for not doing it.

All these feelings go hand in hand.

We grow up with a lot of expectations placed on us.

How we “must” behave.

What is considered “appropriate”

To be a good mom, good wife, good daughter, good friend.

We have a tendency to over do the thing, because we want to take care of others, we don’t want to “hurt” other people, or we don’t want to “disappoint” others.

But the only person who gets the short end of the stick is ourselves.

This year, what about if we only do the things we REALLY WANT?

Give gifts ONLY if we want to?

Rather than gifting gifts, what if we are able to set a new rule for this year?

We’re going to spend some quality time together?

Cook that dinner ONLY if we want?

Rather than making that dinner, what if we buy take out for some unusual food?

This is what I’d been telling all my clients recently.

When you stand up for yourself, you’re going to be ruffling A LOT OF feathers!

Other people are going to push back, make nasty comments.

BUT, it's do-able!!!

What if you can build up your strength, so that you can stand strong for what you want?

And how you do it, is all about facing all the negative emotions.

Be able to face them, and say, you know, this is dang uncomfortable, but I’m still going to stand by my own choices!

Because I WANT TO!

If standing up for what you want is what you’re looking for this holiday, AND for this upcoming new year (2023 is coming right up!!), I’m offering a free  60-min Jump Start session  with me.

We’ll go through exactly what it is you want to work on, and we’ll make a plan to make this happen

Be more “selfish”, be more you!

Listen! When you’re burnt out, you’re no fun!

When you become more “selfish”, when you give yourself more time and energy, that's when you can bring the fun back into your family!

Who wants a grumpy mom who yells and nags and is resentful all the time?

 Book a session with me now !

Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach


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