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Someone is jealous of me?

December 6, 2022

What if there is actually someone who is jealous of you?

When I was first asked this question, I was like, no way! Why would anyone be jealous of me?

But what if, there is actually someone out there (past, present, or even in the future) who is jealous of you, and want what you have, want to be like you?

I learned this concept through David Bedrick.

When other people see your greatness, sometimes they don’t know how to act. So they react in a way to pull you down, or make you feel inappropriate. They make you feel small, like something’s wrong with you.

Thinking back in your life, have you ever done something you’re very proud of, and when you share it with someone, like your good friend, or your family, you were expecting them to be proud of you! But they weren’t.

Or maybe you were doing something true to yourself. Like you laughed out loud, or you made funny jokes. And someone commented on how inappropriate you’re behaving.

These are actually signs of other people being jealous of you.

In this post, I want you to focus on what that greatness is inside of you, instead of focusing on what the other person is doing.

I want you to dig deep and look at it, acknowledge it and see how powerful you truly are.

That accomplishment you’d achieved.
That ability that flows effortlessly through you.
The opportunities that you are able to get.

Here are two examples I could share with you.

The first is my ability to see everything in different perspectives.

While growing up, I always question why things are the way they are, why do they have to be that way.

And this caused a lot of tension between my mom and I.

Whenever I shared my ideas that was contrary to my mom’s, she would start questioning me.

To the point where she would make me feel inadequate, make me believe that something is wrong with me.

I’ve since learned that articulation is a skill I had to work on.

But this is a trait that comes easily to me, and I pride myself for being able to see things, I question things, and I don’t just follow.

The second thing I encountered was when my book came out. I shared it with a good friend of mine, and the first thing she said was, “Oh, it’s like my other friend, who had a book too.”

After reflecting on it afterwards, I saw how it made me feel like my accomplishment wasn't really that big of a deal. So I had to learn to celebrate my achievements.

All of these are signs of “jealousy”, where other people were trying to make me feel small or inadequate.

They saw a greatness in me. But instead of bringing me up, they pushed me down. And so, I had to learn to see what they are really doing, I had to learn to see my greatness for myself.

Could you recall when you had experienced one of these moments?

I want you to see that greatness in yourself.
I want you to see your laughter.
I want you to see your grit.
I want you to see how far you’ve come.
I want you to see your inquisitive mind.
I want you to see how easily you can connect with others.
I want you to see your ability to make other people laugh.
I want you to see how you can bring other people hope.
I want you to see how you are able to encourage other people
I want you to see your conviction in what you stand for.

This is you, in your glory.

I want you to learn to cherish it, because this is your hidden power.

If you're having trouble finding it, or if you're having trouble seeing your hidden greatness, book a free 30-min coaching session with me, and we can dig deeper and see what we can find!


I am made of greatness
I am destined to be great
I am a sign of success
I am success by name
Even when people underrate me
I will keep the faith to elevate me
People think I am for nothing
But I know I stand for something
Success success success
Is all I want for you and me
So that we can move together
My friend, never loose the faith in yourself
You are here for a purpose
And you must fulfil the purpose
Do not think of the wind that is blowing
Always look at the crown that is glowing
You are meant for this reason
Keep your faith in all season.

Made for Greatness - Gbolagade Taiwo

Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach


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