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February 26, 2024

Does the thought of speaking up in front of others make you second guess yourself, or make you want to hide? 

Maybe at work, you want to share more of your ideas at meetings. Or at home, you wish that you can tell your parents or in-laws to back off! Tell them to stop forcing you to do things you don’t want, or stop telling you how to do things. 

But every time you think about speaking up, you freeze. Your chest squeezes you like a vice, your mind screams, “They’re gonna get so upset!! Don't do it!!"

Yeah, what if they yell at me, ridicule me or kick me out?!

This is part of the “People-Pleasing Tendencies” we’d picked up since we were young. (Or as my coach calls it, “self-abandoning” tendency) 

If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone, and nothing is wrong with you. You’d just been brought up in a way where you never got a chance to exercise your voice.

And now that you want to use it, it feels super uncomfortable and scary. 

That’s why I’ve created 5 videos, “Stop People-Pleasing Tendencies”.

In the first video, I share with you how this tendency developed while growing up. 

In the second video, I highlight how we can separate our thought models from other people’s thought models. 

In the third video, I demonstrate how to acknowledge and allow ourselves to process our feelings. And once we allow for our own emotions, we can also allow others to have their own feelings, so we no longer feel the need to take responsibility for them.

In the fourth video, I share about the importance of calming down our nervous system. By doing so, we can think clearly on how we want to proceed. 

And in the last video, I teach you how to “visualize” our future in order for us to tap into our future self. Whether we want to be more confident speaking up at meetings, or stand up for ourselves in front of our parents or in-laws.

Bonus resources: If you’d like to learn more techniques to calm down your nervous system, I created a video called “3 Techniques to Reduce Stress and Anxiety”.

And if you want more help to process your anger or resentment, you can also sign up for my free resource, “Flip-the-Table”.

I believe that once we can master our emotions, then we will be more courageous to do the things that scare us, or hold us back. We will be less likely to be shaken up by other people’s reactions. And we have more confidence moving forward trying new things.

If after you have gone through these resources, and you have any question, you can always reach out to me. 

And if you feel you're ready to go on this journey, to become a more courageous version of you, I invite you to hop on a free 20-min call with me. 

I’d love to get to know you more, and we can see if we’re a good fit to work with each other. 

I offer a free pro-bono session where you can see my coaching style. If you want to work more closely with me, I offer various packages depending on your need.

I hope that these resources help you! And if you think others may benefit, I invite you to share them too!

Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach


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