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Obstacles in Your Life are not there to Define You! They're meant for you to Overcome!

November 15, 2022

I rewatched a talk by Simon Sinek. 

He was talking about how he and his friend just finished a marathon, and at the end of the race, there were free bagels. 

Simon said free bagels, and his friend said, the line’s too long. 

He learned that there are people who see the good thing at the end, and there are people who only see the obstacles. 

Right now, a lot of my time are spent on coaching, writing up content, thinking about what’s valuable to share. I’m also working on developing my skills to be a better coach, and a better speaker. 

For those who don’t know, I’m also working full time, a wife, and a mom to a 5 year old. 

And I hear this a lot, where do you find the time? 

I now create time for all of this, but it wasn’t always like this. 

For many years, I “didn’t have time”. 

I blamed many things in my life:

-Well, if only I don’t have to take care of my son! 
-If only I have more help! (My husband actually takes care of a lot of things) 
-If only I don’t have to work full time! 
(All the external circumstances)

-Maybe I’m too dumb. 
-Maybe I am too lazy. 
-Maybe I am not really made for this. 
(All the internal chatter)

All obstacles. 

Through coaching, I realized 2 things: 

1 I was using these obstacles to define who I am (I can’t because…)  
2 It was really fear that was stopping me from taking actions. 

I had to learn to see these obstacles as things I have to overcome, instead of things that define me. 

The epiphany moment was when I heard Teal Swan’s Tutorial of Life. 

(The first minute was the main idea.)

I set an intention before I came into this world, I determined for myself what I came to learn. I chose the condition, I chose the OBSTACLES that are presented in my life. By overcoming them, I expand. 

So many times, we have the tendency to think that we’re stuck, we keep bumping up against the same obstacle again and again. 

Maybe it’s money problem, whenever we earn money, something would happen and we have to give it up. Or it’s self love, we keep meeting people who don’t treasure us. 

We became stuck in our obstacles, believing that we’re not meant for these things. But these are the exact obstacles that, by overcoming them, we become a different version of ourselves!

Have you ever feel you’re meant for more, but you keep coming across obstacles getting in your way? To the point where you stop believing you’re meant to go after it. You feel like everything in your life is conspiring to stop you from getting what you desperately want! 

Here’s what I want to share with you: 

1 This IS the obstacle you’re called to overcome, so you can expand. You’re meant to have that thing!

2 Figure out what exactly it is that’s holding you back, not just the surface reasons, but the deeper reason. For me, it was fear, what’s yours?

By seeing these two things clearly, then we can come up with a strategy to overcome them. 

You are meant for more! The obstacles that are in your life are not here to define you, but rather, they are meant for you to overcome! So you can be the best version of you! 

If you'd like to identify your obstacle, I'd love to help! I'm offering 2 free 30-min coaching session for us to figure it out together!

Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach


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