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Have you ever said you’d do something but you didn’t, and you beat yourself up? 

November 19, 2022

And have you ever felt so tired, but you still muscled your way through to keep pushing on? 

I got sick for the past few days, and I didn’t get a chance to compose my blog for 2 days. 

I promised myself that I’d write 1 blog post every day in the month of November. 

Here were the two things I worked through. 

First, I worked through my mindset of “inconsistency”. 

This came up because every time I said I was going to do a “challenge”, I would drop off midway through. And when I stop, my mind would say, “See! You’re stopping again! You’re giving up again!”

Second, I working on my “pushing through”. 

Because so many times, even though I’m too tired, or I know I’m physically unable to, I’d still push myself onward, without any regards of how my body feels. And when I push, my mind would say, “You’re so tired, but you’re still pushing, you need to rest!”

There would be a constant flip flop between these two extremes. AND no matter which extreme I was on, I would constantly beat myself up for it.

I would either judge myself for being inconsistent, or for pushing myself too much. 

Never enough! No matter what I did, I did the wrong thing. 

This time around, I actually allowed myself to rest, AND tell myself that I am still being consistent, at my own pace. 

And my internal brain actually said, “It’s time to stop, you need to rest.” 


“You can continue when you feel better, you’re still being consistent.”


This is huge! I’ve worked so hard on myself, I’ve loved myself so much, that I know when to push myself, and when to stop. 

And I feel enough where I am! 

No guilt, no blame, no shame, no self beat up. 

I feel friggin’ fantastic! 

Here’s the thing, so many times, we set goals for ourselves, and we start off with high energy, and we do it for a few days, and then things start to get difficult. 

We start muscling our way through, and then we stop. So we start beating ourselves up for it. 

Or we felt we have to prove something, so even when we are physically incapable, we still force our way through. 

Both of which, make us stop pursuing what we’d set out. 

But what if we don’t have to prove anything? 

Have you ever experienced that? 

Maybe you want to lose weight, or write a book, or start a business. 

You are like, yeah! I’m going ahead with this, I want to do this! 

And then things start getting difficult, and  you stop, which make you believe that you’re not meant for it.  

Or you feel the need to show the world  you’re a certain way! So you keep muscling through, even when your mind and body are telling you NO! 

What if you actually don’t have to prove anything? 

What if you can trust yourself that, you can keep going, and it’s okay to stop when you need to stop? 

What you need, is to build up self trust. Trusting your intuition. Trusting that you can keep going when things get tough, AND trusting that you need to rest when you need. 

It actually comes from loving yourself. 

And I want to offer this to you, because it took me a while to get to this point. And I am damn proud of myself. 

It feels wonderful to my own body. This actually feels like “flow” and I don’t have to muscle through anything. 

If you’d like to find out what this is about, and how you can apply this to your life, I’d love to hop on a free 60-min Jump Start Conversation with you. 

We can figure out what you want for yourself, and I can pin point in what aspects of you life you can work on to get there. 

Most of all, we can see if we are a great match to work with each other! 

Book a session with me now! 

Claudia Chan

Professional Certified Life Coach


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